Weight Loss Solutions in Plano, Texas

Weight Loss Solutions in Plano, TX

Achieve your weight loss goals with personalized solutions in Plano, Texas. Rumi Aesthetics provides comprehensive weight management programs. Start your journey to a healthier you today!

Losing weight is one of the toughest things to do. With so many options, how do you know which approach might work for you? Successful weight loss requires a long-term commitment to making healthy lifestyle changes in eating, exercise and behavior. This means you need to find a weight-loss approach you can embrace for life.

There’s no best approach to weight loss: Everyone is different and will find success with a range of approaches to healthy eating. Losing weight is no easy feat and it’s even harder when diet and exercise don’t seem to be enough. The truth is, there are deep-seated bundles of fat that are simply resistant to diet and exercise. Other factors play a role, too, like stress, lack of sleep, age, lifestyle, and low metabolic rate.

Each weight loss program starts with a consultation with a  weight loss specialists. You will be thoroughly assessed so we can tailor a program for your particular needs. We will also closely monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments along the way to ensure your success.

You may be a candidate for a group of injectables that can help make losing weight easier; this group includes vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and lipotropic injections.

Losing the extra weight can help eliminate those health problems or lower your odds for them. Weight loss can reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol. It can also slash risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, and a lot more.


Both adults and children should get regular physical activity. It is important for losing weight and maintaining good health. Find ways to increase your activity and burn calories then challenge yourself to move from moderate to intense activities

Personalized Program

Our clinic offers personalized treatment programs to help you effectively destroy unwanted fat. All of our weight loss programs are personally tailored to match your body type and expectations. We’ll help you figure out a tailored treatment plan that helps you achieve your goals while staying on budget.


Weight loss can help you live longer and reduce your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. It can also help manage existing diabetes and prevent complications of other chronic conditions, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and atherosclerosis.

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If you’re ready to book a consultation, complete the form or call (214) 894-4533 We’ll develop a customized treatment plan & answer any remaining questions you have about Weight Loss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I expect to lose as part of your program?

Results vary, but by focussing on sustainable weight loss through a healthy lifestyle, most people should expect to lose 5 to 10% of their current weight. Many will lose more.

When will I start losing weight?

There’s no firm answer to this question because there are so many elements involved with weight loss and each person will have a different experience.

I am working out and eating healthfully, but I’m not losing weight.

It’s not unusual to hit a plateau during a weight-loss program. Give yourself a “checkup” to make sure you are following the prescribed program. Also, make sure you are getting at least 30 minutes per day of physical activity.

How long do I have to stay on any of these weight loss programs?

The length of time you may stay on any weight loss program depends on which program you are on, how much weight you need to lose, and how cooperative your body is with your battle to take away its fat content.

How often do I have to come in for visits?

This depends on your personalized plan and will be discussed with you on your initial consultation visit.

Should you count calories or fat to lose weight?

Fat, especially good fats, are a necessary part of a balanced diet and when consumed through healthier foods. Calories on the other hand, is the focus of weight management. Although efficient calorie counting is not the only way to ensure weight loss, some people prefer to keep a food journal to estimate calorie intake.

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