B-6 Shots in Plano, Texas

Get the B-6 Shots and Injections in Plano, Texas and get improved immune function, blood regulation, better mood, energy boost and cardiovascular function.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is found in many foods in nature and is added as a supplement in many more. It plays an important role in maintaining the health of your brain, immune system, and nervous system. Some other uses for Vitamin B6 is development of the brain during pregnancy/infancy and in immune function. It is found in cereals, legumes, and eggs, and often used with other B vitamins in vitamin B complex products.

B6 injections assist the body in the breakdown of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

This increases calorie burn, reduces water retention, and works as a natural diuretic. These effects result in weight loss. B6 can also help to alleviate PMS symptoms.

B6 improves the way the thyroid works and boosts metabolism, further enhancing weight loss efforts.

These benefits of B6 help you see better results in a shorter amount of time on your weight loss journey.

Vitamin B6 deficiency can be observed clinically as seborrheic dermatitis, microcytic anemia, dental decay, glossitis, epileptiform convulsions, peripheral neuropathy, electroencephalographic abnormalities, depression, confusion, and weakened immune function.

Pregnant and lactating women can take this vitamin safely but with the supervision of a healthcare provider in limited dosage. It’s sometimes used to control morning sickness.

The administration of vitamin B6 can be both via oral and intravenous routes.


It affects your mood, appetite, sleep, and thinking. You need B6 to fight off infections, turn food into energy, and help your blood carry oxygen to all corners of your body.


The amount of B6 you need each day depends mainly on your age. Babies 7-12 months old need 0.3 milligrams a day. You need more as you grow. If you’re over age 50, you need at least 5 times as much: 1.7 milligrams a day for men and 1.5 milligrams for women. Pregnant women need it most of all — 1.9 milligrams a day.


May improve mood, enhance weight loss effectiveness, reduce symptoms of depression, reduce PMS symptoms, promote brain health, reduce Alzheimer’s risk, and treat anemia by aiding hemoglobin production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does B6 do?

It is important for normal brain development and for keeping the nervous system and immune system healthy.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) supports many functions in the body that are necessary for weight loss. 

What are the benefits of B6?

Better circulation, strong immune system, weight loss, less morning sickness, better mood, help with PMS, lower cancer risk, and mental clarity.

How does B6 work?

B6 helps the body synthesize serotonin and norepinephrine, which boosts mood and may help discourage overeating. It also supports healthy immune system function and glucose regulation.

B6 plays an essential role in metabolism. B6 facilitates the conversion of macronutrients into chemicals that your body can use for energy. 

Is it safe for pregnant women?

Yes. During your pregnancy, vitamin B6 is vital for your baby’s developing brain and nervous system. It also helps your baby metabolize protein and carbohydrates.

Who needs B6 more?

People who have kidney disease or conditions that prevent the small intestine from absorbing nutrients from foods (malabsorption syndromes) are more likely to be vitamin B-6 deficient.

Where can B6 be found?

The richest sources of vitamin B6 include fish, beef liver and other organ meats, potatoes and other starchy vegetables, fruits (other than citrus), poultry, chickpeas, bananas, and fortified cereals

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